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 Links Section Rules

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PostSubject: Links Section Rules   Sun Dec 16, 2012 3:26 pm

You may post a link off-site in this section only, however, if there is any inappropriate content on that site, the staff will remove your thread.

All sites shall receive ONE thread. If more than one thread is posted for a site, the additional ones will be merged with the original. Continued violation of the one thread rule will result in any threads about that site being deleted. Ideally, the owner or a staff member of a site should start the original thread. Please include the name of the site in the title.

NOTE: If you own a site and a Links thread has already been posted, please contact a staff member and we'll look into allowing you to repost the thread and deleting the other.

You may not advertise your site anywhere on the forum EXCEPT by making a thread here. You may also add a link to your site or your Links thread in your signature.

Advertising your forum anywhere else on the site will result in a vacation from the forum.

You may not discuss technical issues or features of your site on your Links thread. We are quite confident you wouldn't want us coming to your site and discussing BT issues.

You may not beg people to visit your site.

Simply post a link and a brief explanation of what your site is about.

You may NOT bump your thread up.

If you have ANY questions, please ask a staff member before posting. Thank you.
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Links Section Rules

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