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 Official BT Rules [Please Read]

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PostSubject: Official BT Rules [Please Read]   Sun Dec 16, 2012 1:11 am

Offical BT Rules

1. Treat other members with the respect they deserve. This should go without saying, but treat others like you would like to be treated!

2. The forum language is English. Please only post in other languages in PMs and/or VMs.

3. Please do not spam. The definition of spam is an irrelevant or advertising post. Any post considered spam will be removed.

4. Please do post text in all CAPS since this is considered to be shouting and is not necessary.

5. Using red or blue text is forbidden. Only moderators and administrators may use this.

6. Insulting and flaming or personal attacks against forum staff will not be tolerated.

7. Please be considerate in language you use on the forum, some of our members are younger than others. Swearing is not completely banned, just do not swear unnecessarily, and only use minor words.

8. No hacking and illegal activity, such as torrents and illegal downloads. This will not be tolerated, and if appropriate, may be reported to local authority.

9. Please do not post inappropriate material. The policy goes that if you would not feel comfortable viewing it in front of children or parents or at work, don't post it!

10. Do not copy another user's 'property', that's stealing unless you asked for permission.

11. Don't post Youtube video links unless you have an alternate way of sharing it, like Tinypic.

12. No trade talk allowed outside of the Trading Arena.

13. All section rules are to be followed as well.

If any or all of these rules are broken, you will receive a three week vacation from BT.

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Official BT Rules [Please Read]

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